Your Go-To Piano Movers Melbourne Service

Moving a piano is nothing short of art, and you would be pleased to know that Eastern piano movers Melbourne professionals are the masters of this. We have years of experience of moving pianos. During this time we have provided excellent piano movers Melbourne services to local families, institutions, and professionals. Whether you want to move your piano within the same city (that is, locally) or interstate, don’t look further than piano movers Melbourne professionals at Eastern Removals. As a matter of fact, we are the best interstate piano movers. No destination is beyond our reach. Whether you want to move your piano to Canberra or Sydney or Hobart or to any other place in Australia, we can help you. We are also equally adept in handling different pianos, be it a grand piano, a Pianola, an Organ, or an Upright piano. So don’t worry about the make of your piano or its model, because you can count on us for expert help. Eastern Removals has some of the most experienced piano movers Melbourne professionals, as well as all specialized equipment required for safely moving a piano from one place to another. Moving a piano successfully is all about careful planning, followed by expert execution. There are innumerable things that need to be thought of and a lot of manpower and special equipment are needed. Moreover, no two piano moving jobs are the same. For instance, moving a piano from a single-family home or a high-rise condo isn’t the same thing. Both jobs are vastly different—and this is where our experienced piano movers Melbourne team comes into the picture. Thanks to our vast experience, we have handled all types of piano moving job and that’s why nothing ever takes us by surprise. Whatever the situation, our piano movers Melbourne experts are always fully prepared.

Looking for expert piano removals in Melbourne

Many offer piano movers Melbourne services, but not all of them can do a good job. We know how much you love your piano, and that’s why we take great pains to intelligently plan your piano movers Melbourne job and to execute everything to perfection. If you want to move your piano to a new location safely, piano movers Melbourne service offered by Eastern Removals is what you need. We offer you many advantages, such as the following:

  • Fully-insured piano moving – Each piano moving job we do is completely insured.
  • Accurate quote – When you contact us, our piano movers Melbourne will take time to understand your needs. Next, they will give you an accurate price quote. This is free of cost. Moreover, the price quoted will be exactly what we will charge you.
  • Interstate piano removals – Are you moving to a new state and worried how you’ll transfer your piano to your new home? Well, you don’t need to worry because we are champion interstate piano movers.
  • Solution for all pianos – Our piano movers Melbourne team has years of experience of moving an upright piano. They have also completed several grand piano movers job in the past. Additionally, they are proficient in moving Organ and Pianola as well. In short, we handle all types of pianos.
  • Use special equipment – How complicated piano moving can be is something that can be easily understood from the fact that a normal piano weighs about 400 kilos. Some even weigh more than 550 kilos. Making matters more complicated are the fact that a piano has anything between 4500-9500 moving parts. In addition to great expertise, special equipment is required to move a piano. And our piano movers Melbourne team has both.

Reasons why we you should pick Eastern piano removals

There are many piano removal services in the market—but all of them are not equal. Therefore, you should make efforts to pick the best service provider. Only an experienced and committed piano removalists Melbourne team will offer you 100% customer satisfaction. We are one such team and we think we can help you move your piano better than others. Why? Because we offer these advantages, among others, to you.

  • A proven track record – We encourage you to look at our portfolio, our experience, and the feedback we’ve received from our customers. In all past piano removalists Melbourne jobs we have done excellent work. If you hire, we promise to do not an inch less for you.
  • Cost-effective solutions – Piano removal doesn’t need to be expensive. We give you high-quality piano removal solutions without charging you a hefty fee.
  • All kinds of piano removal solutions – We are equipped to handle and move all kinds of piano. What’s more, you can hire us for interstate piano removal as well.
  • Excellent customer service – We have the best customer service department. All your queries and concerns will be answered quickly and accurately.

Eastern Removal’s piano removals Moving Process

We are more than happy to share our piano removal moving process with you because we believe you should have the maximum knowledge about a company before hiring it. So, let’s start from the beginning. The whole process starts with you submitting an enquiry. Piano movers Melbourne professionals of Eastern Removals will study the inputs provided and use their good judgment to tell you what the total cost to you will be if you use our services. In the next step, the piano moving date needs to be decided upon and a formal booking needs to be made. Piano movers Melbourne experts of Eastern Removals will pack and load your piano as decided. The delivery will be made the same day in case of local piano removal. If it is an interstate piano removal job, our piano movers Melbourne professionals will tell you in advance how many days it will take us to deliver your piano. Unlike many piano movers Melbourne providers, we don’t think our job is complete after making the delivery. Instead we will ring you up soon after making the delivery to check if you need further help. Once you confirm everything is in order, we will prompt you to share feedback.

We provide 4 amazing benefits to you

  • Interstate piano removal service – Are you based in Melbourne but want to move your piano all the way to Hobart? In that case, let us help you. Our elite team of piano movers Melbourne boasts of highly-skilled and knowledgeable interstate piano movers
  • Awesome value for money – Relocating to a new place involves lots of expenditure. Precisely for this very reason, our piano movers Melbourne solutions are reasonably priced. We care for you and that’s why we give you great quality at a reasonable price.
  • Expert piano removalists – Piano is not only a heavy item weighing up to 400 kilos or more but also a very delicate item made of thousands of parts. Therefore, a lot of care and attention to detail is required while handling it. However, with our trained piano movers Melbourne professionals by your side, you don’t need to worry even a bit about anything going wrong.
  • Quality removal trucks with hydraulic tailgates – You can count on our piano movers Melbourne team to offer you nothing but the best quality. This is reflected in our choice of removal trucks and special equipment.
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